What is in my purse?

I am that kind of person who prefers to be ready for everything. When I had own car, I always had a shovel, sleeping bag, car battery charging cables, rubber boots and extra jacket in the trunk. 😅

Now try to imagine what is going on in my purse! During last year I managed to limit the list of things I take with me every day to work.

Let’s check what is in my purse today (actually it is backpack, but it is not bigger, than most of my purses).

Filofax Organiser

It is main “ingredient” of my everyday life. I used to write down here every little thing I need to do, because I always forget something 😇. Filofax is also good place to put in all needed business cards, memos and receipts.



I have very sensitive eyes and I cannot leave my home without sunglasses in my purse, no matter what weather is outside. I am fan of RayBans – pink Aviators for autumn and winter, very dark Justin model for spring and summer.


Devices 😀

Usually I do not have any problems with my phone battery during the day, but just in case… 😄 I have power bank.

My phone, of course.

Selfie stick and mini ring light – I am trying to become a blogger 😎.

Headphones – don’t use them often, but need then when I need them 🙃.


Water bottle

I drink a lot of water during the day, so water bottle is must have! I actually have a lot of different bottles, whole collection! Let me know if you want extra post about them 😅

Cosmetic bag


Pretty obvious thing in purse. Here is the list of the things inside:

  • Bloterazzi from Beauty Blender with mirror
  • Benetint
  • High Beam
  • Hand Lotion
  • Mini sewing kit
  • Dental floss sticks
  • Lip Oil (my new passion – Clarins)
  • Lipstick
  • Hairband
  • Nail file

Extra shopping bag

Hate buying them in grocery store.


I don’t smoke and never did, but you never know when you need some extra warmth 😄.

Wallet and Keys

My wallet is pretty old and not so pretty anymore. And here is my advice: never buy white wallet 😔.

And another advice – I always wear my keys in little pouch, so keys are not scratching everything inside the pocket.



Thank You for digging into my purse with me (now I know why it is so heavy), and let me know if you find any of this things unusual or unnecessary 😁.

And what is in your bag? 😏

2 thoughts on “What is in my purse?

  1. What’s not in my bag should be the question 🙈 I m terrible for stuffing it with all sorts-mainly lipsticks! I love the L Occitane Amande hand cream, it s my favourite x


  2. em… any device for self protection?
    Like tear gas, scissors or any other sharp edged or needle-pointed device? (ok, you´ve got a pen, that might count)


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