Dear Apple, what the…? Or how to fix problem with Lightning to USB Camera Adapter!

I have pretty old camera (Canon 5D Mark II), so no such luxury like wifi in it. I still love this camera, it is absolutely enough for me today and I have no plans to upgrade in near future.

To have an opportunity to send pictures to my friends “on the go”, I bought Apple Lightning to USB camera adapter.

First few months it was working as it supposed to, but in one moment it just stopped! Photos application, that is only app that allows to import data from camera, just crashes when I start importing. Adapter was fine on other iPhones (my family, friends and guys from Apple reseller store).

I have tried everything – resetting all settings, erasing content, restoring my iPhone! It helped for just a few hours, until i setup my phone like I used to have it (NOT restoring from backup!!!).

So long story short, it took me few weeks to figure out what is the problem – this adapter works fine if you use 24-hour time format, not 12! It is ridiculous and stupid, but it fix my problem!

For those of you, who are interested in my *blonde* logic, which helped me to find the answer: I did reset of settings few times and this adapter worked until I have full setup of the phone that I used to have. After last full recovery through iTunes with full iOS download I have started to test things almost one by one:

  • logging in my iCloud account – works
  • installing all my fave apps – works
  • logging in all app – works
  • then was time for mani&pedi 💅 , where I set up all setting – does not work anymore!
  • taking all settings one by one back to default and vuala! bug found 💪

So here is my message:

#1: Dear Apple, PLEASE FIX IT!

#2: Dear friends, please share it! I have not found any information about this bug while googling (trust me, I am good in googling!) during few weeks.


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