Face Masks

Since I have to refresh my English, I have decided to add some information and posts to my blog in English language. So please excuse my poor English, I promise to improve it!

Lets talk about face masks today!

I don’t know if it is my age or just a mood, but I have started to use face masks regularly about a month ago. And now I have few in my cosmetic drawer and ready to share my experience.



I really like their peel-off masks! My fav is Cucumber and Aloe. This is awesome feeling when you peel this thin layer of mask from your face. This mask makes my skin feel cleaner, softer and smoother.

Pomegranate and Mango – pore-cleansing face mask with raspberry and vitamin E for tired skin. Pretty good, it makes pores smaller for some time and also gives this smooth feeling on the skin.

Have tried Argan Oil and Rosehip Oil – hydrating  face mask with shea and cocoa butter for dry skin. Did not really got any effect, maybe because my skin is not very dry, more combined and even oily sometimes.

But I have to mention this awesome silicone tool for mask application! This makes my mask time even more easy and enjoyable 😀



Just started to discover this brand for myself, but already in love with their TURMERIC & CRANBERRY SEED ENERGIZING RADIANCE MASQUE! I think everybody already loves it, I was the last one in this world who tried it 😀 Very deep refresh and soft scrubbing really make a good thing to my face. Needs some effort to remove, so I would recommend to do this under the shower or use some face sponge.

Planning to try Kiehl’s CALENDULA & ALOE SOOTHING HYDRATION MASQUE maybe next week. If you have any feedback about it, please let me know and share your experience in comments (here or any other social network)!



And how this post is possible without GlamGlow? 😀

Like most of girls (especially with problem skin), I have started with their bestseller SUPERMUD. Uhhh what I say… It feels like heavy duty for the face 😀 It really FEELS on skin like it makes something! Very interesting feeling while it dries and really deeply clean skin feeling after removing it! Love it! Already bought the big box of it!

But be careful with it, it makes face pretty red for some time, I would recommend to apply it before going to sleep and If your skin does not need it, the do not apply it on the whole face – T zone is enough!

Next to try: THIRSTYMUD. Cannot share any experience yet, will give it a try in a few days.


So this is all for now, but my experiments with this kind of products will never be finished 😀

Please share your favourites of face masks, lets talk about them!

Hugs and Kisses,


2 thoughts on “Face Masks

  1. Also have an oily\combination skin. Tried Kiehl’s CALENDULA & ALOE SOOTHING HYDRATION MASQUE – it’s ok, but nothing special. It’s mostly for hydration so doesn’t give any WOW effect for oily skin. Also doesn’t really do anything for your pores. But it smells good 🙂 Just don’t expect anything exceptional.

    For purifying I’m more oriented on clay masks, the top list is a usual drugstore Blue Clay – https://www.magasinrusse.fr/7006-5617/creme-mindalnij.jpg (this exact one, can buy in Apotheka for 1.6 EUR – two packages, it lasts forever). The only inconvenience, it comes in a dry form, so need to add water/tonic/micelar yourself and play with amount of the clay powder.

    L’Oreal Paris did pretty well with their Detox Clay Mask: https://www.lorealparisusa.com/products/skin-care/products/face-mask/pure-clay-mask-detox-and-brighten-treatment-mask.aspx?shade=detox-and-brighten-treatment-mask (~8 EUR in Prisma). Cleans good, smoothes skin, you feel it clean 🙂 Also smells nice. In a sense of amount, I already used mine around 6 times, but there is still plenty in a box. They also have two other masks, but they are nothing extraordinary.


    1. Thanx for this big comment – will try them in near future and make an update post about it! 🙂 I have also tried Kiehl’s clay mask – not bad, but I think GlamGlow is much stronger! but the price… ughm… is strong as well 😦


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